Help Keep Hyde Park Clean

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Litter is dangerous to human health, to animals, and to the environment.  It also sends the message that littering is acceptable, which just leads to more litter.  Over time this can lead to an increase in crime and a decrease in the property values and quality of life in our community.  Let’s all do our part to make sure this doesn’t happen in Hyde Park!


    • If you see a piece of litter, pick it up.  Make it a personal goal to pick up one piece of trash every time you go out. Think how effective this could be on a larger scale, if everyone would take this one small step towards creating a cleaner community.
    • Do what you can to keep your property and the sidewalks around your home or business clean and free of trash.
    • Put your trash out at the curb in sealed trash barrels and not bags, which can be ripped open by animals or the elements.
    • Don’t overstuff trash barrels, recycling bins and dumpsters to the point where trash can fall out or be carried off by animals.

For information on how and where to obtain recycling bins, visit: 

    • Report problem areas to the City of Boston by calling 311 or using the free, and easy to use, BOS:311 app.
    • Take part in a community clean-up day.

The Boston Shines program come to Hyde Park annually in the spring.  For more information and this year’s date, visit

The Neponset River clean-up day happens annually in the fall.  For more information and this year’s date, visit

    • Start a neighborhood trash patrol group that meets weekly or monthly to pick up trash in your area.  This is a great way to get to know your neighbors, and to build community and community pride. Plus, it’s a great way to get outside in the fresh air for some exercise.