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The Switch Co-Op Artist Exhibition & Reception – October 5th


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In 2016, a local Hyde Park artist approached Hyde Park Main Streets about establishing an artist cooperative in our neighborhood’s commercial district.  The concept had multiple benefits.

  1. It would improve the overall quality of life in the commercial district
  2. It would benefit the many artists in the community by giving them an outlet to showcase and sell their work
  3. It would become a destination for people outside of Hyde Park
  4. It would lower our vacancy rate and increase the foot traffic on the Fairmount Avenue block of Hyde Park

A working group was formed that consisted of Hyde Park Main Streets board members, local artists, staff from the Menino Arts Center, and outside consultants to help create what would become The Switch Artist Cooperative.

Over the course of the next year, we met with many other local art cooperatives to learn best practices, retained a lawyer to help us construct startup documents, and negotiated a lease of a storefront in the heart of our shopping district.

In July of 2017 we opened our doors for the first time.  We have 21 artists on board who pay monthly dues and showcase their work.  Hyde Park Main Streets is the fiscal agent of the cooperative, paying bills and managing funds until a Board of Directors is formed.   Our grand opening was in October and we had a huge turn out.

As of today, the Switch Cooperative operates three days a week and is showcasing and selling work of many Hyde Park visual artists.  We also have plans to start weekend concert series in the space.

Hyde Park Main Streets is proud of our commitment to the arts of Hyde Park, and we are so grateful to the many people who made the Co-Op happen.


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