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Restoring Lights to Historic Theatre

Everett Theatre proposed signage

artists rendition of proposed sign

Hyde Park’s historic theatre street presence will be revived soon with the installation of a replica lighted sign at the Everett Square Theatre. Historic Boston Inc. has been working with Pat Tierney, owner of the building, to restore the foyer and sign. Partnering with Hyde Park Main Streets, a grant was submitted to the Edward Ingersoll Browne Fund and awarded for the historic sign installation while the front entrance will be renovated for public view and use by Ms. Tierney.

For the first time in decades life will be brought back to the Everett Square Theatre which once was a lively multi-use performance, movie and event venue. Renamed several times over the years, the Fairmount Avenue building was designed by Harry M. Ramsay and built in 1915 for the use as stores, offices and “motion picture exhibition”. “We hope that completing some highly visible physical improvements in the short term will inspire the community and build support for the eventual full rehabilitation of the theatre,” said Pat Tierney. “We want to enhance the streetscape and promote a vision of this site as a place for entertainment, performances and nightlife.” Once phase one is completed, the foyer may be used for art exhibits and events.

Historic Boston Inc. has cited the commercial block and theatre in Hyde Park as a rare neighborhood “theatre district” and one of few disused theatre spaces in Boston that is intact enough to restore. Work continues on the feasibility and historic preservation of this grand and important theatre in our community.

This Place Matters, Historic Boston Inc., on theatre in Hyde Park, MAThe Historic Neighborhood Centers program was launched by HBI in 2008 and Hyde Park Main Streets along with Fields Corner Main Streets were selected as the first two neighborhood pilot sites. Since that time HBI has been very active in research and offering technical assistance to a variety of organizations, property owners, and individuals in Hyde Park. Executive Director Kathy Kottaridis has a very dedicated and professional team assisting us. Jeffrey Gonyeau, Senior Program Manager of the Historic Neighborhood Centers program has spent countless hours in the district working on projects over the past three years such as the retail market analysis, the BRA Strategic Plan, the MIT DUSP Practicum, the cataloguing and digitization project of the Hyde Park Historical Society’s documents as well as researching the building inventory of the commercial district in search of potential investment opportunities for HBI.
Bringing the Everett Theatre sign back to life is just one more step in revitalizing our “small town in the city” making it a great place to live and work. If you would like to be involved in this project or others, please call our office at 617-361-6964 or email us at office@hydeparkmainstreets.com.

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